AFMI Energy

AFMI also works for clients in the energy sector. For example turbines, generators, windmills and smaller parts required for generating, storing and distributing energy.



Parts that AFMI manufactures for the energy sector:

  • Parts for heavy-duty electric motors, bearings, seals, etc.;
  • Gearbox drives, applied in wind turbines;
  • Reconditioned gearboxes;
  • Bearing rings;
  • Parts for the construction of new compressors;
  • Additional supply of spare parts such as white-metal bearings, labyrinths, impellers, etc.;
  • Revision or smoothing of rotors with impellers, bearing points;
  • Parts for power stations, such as appendages, injectors.

AFMI has years of experience in the turbine/compressor industry. Having a wide range of machinery and treatments at its disposal,  AFMI is able to carry out all treatments itself, thus maintaining a high standard of quality and ensuring a short delivery time.

AFMI Verspanende Industrie BV

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