Machine Building

AFMI’s specialities include:

  • Special tools;
  • Measuring tools such as plug and bush gauges;
  • Assembly tools for building in and extending the inner assemblies of turbines/compressors;
  • Special white-metal bearings, split bearings or bearings with multiple segments;
  • Moulds/die blocks for the treatment of parts for the automotive industry (presses);
  • The manufacture of a wide range of products in all kinds of materials according to drawings;
  • Driving mechanisms for machines such as wind turbines, pumps and compressor turbines; reconditioning of machines/parts;
  • Balancing impellers and rotors;
  • Heat treatments such as annealing, nitriding and hardening;
  • Customised assembly;
  • 3-D measuring, including protocol, using a Zeiss measuring machine;
  • Various types of grinding such as internal grinding, surface grinding, CNC longitudinal grinding up to more than 3,000mm;
  • Partial assembly, and, if necessary, preservative treatment;
  • AFMI is ISO certified.

AFMI Verspanende Industrie BV

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Lansinkesweg 30, gebouw 28
NL-7553 AE Hengelo

AFMI Zerspanende Industrie GmbH

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Benzstraβe 14
D-48619 Heek

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Postbus 11
NL-7550 AA Hengelo

Telephone: +31 (0)74 240 88 80