AFMI Offshore

AFMI supplies various products to the offshore industry, including pumps, compressors, turbines and specific industrial components.


Here are a number of examples:

  • Special tools for setting up marine diesel engines (complete sets of tools as standard tools with every new sold diesel engine).
  • Special hydraulic jacks for assembly and disassembly tools for pumps, turbines and compressors.
  • Hoisting gear supplied in accordance with customer specifications.
  • Mechanical treatment of reconditioned engine parts such as pistons, valves and cylinder heads.
  • Production of parts for turbines, compressors and pumps in accordance with customer specifications, as well as reconditioning and additional delivery of spare parts.

AFMI Verspanende Industrie has years of experience in this field and supplies parts to various reputable companies and institutions.

AFMI Verspanende Industrie BV

Visiting address
Lansinkesweg 30, gebouw 28
NL-7553 AE Hengelo

AFMI Zerspanende Industrie GmbH

Visiting address
Benzstra╬▓e 14
D-48619 Heek

Postal address
Postbus 11
NL-7550 AA Hengelo

Telephone: +31 (0)74 240 88 80